01 September 2011

Folk like me

As mentioned quite a few posts ago, I am in the early stages of writing a book about sleeping separately. The book will be co-authored with my dear friend Sue - who will be enticed into blogging one day soon.

After a recent, and most encouraging, meeting with Sally Collings - a published author and mentor at the Queensland Writers Centre - we are stepping up a gear and getting some more work done on the book. A large part of this work is interviewing people.

Faced with the prospect of finding interesting candidates to interview, I have been asking everyone I know, if they know of anyone who would be worth talking to about different sleeping behaviours.

This tactic has proven to be very worthwhile and I have some great interviews lined up:
  • a couple married for 50+ years who started sleeping separately as soon as their children left home, which was 30 years ago
  • a girl whose relationship ended because her partner would not let her sleep separately - even though she could not share a bed with him because of snoring and restless legs
  • a good friend who has just started sleeping with her husband again after 9.5 years - they have been married for 10 years
I must admit that I am very excited about talking to these people and hearing their stories. There's always something intriguing talking to like-minded folk - an immediate connection and a chance to normalise your own thoughts and behaviours against theirs. 

I feel like I'm going to find a whole new bunch of 'homies'.

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