24 May 2011

The visitor effect - Part 3 (cats ahoy)

This will be the final post about the visitor effect - the visitors have now gone. But an interesting aspect of sleeping next door needs to be told.

Even though I don't share my bed with another human, I do share it with two cats. They are called Maddie and Lyla. They are sister, tiger tabbies, who often like to share a sleeping space. More often than not the girls sleep with me - not every night, and not always both of them. The cooler months often have Maddie requesting refuge under the doona in the wee hours of the morning, but Lyla always keeps herself above the covers.

I like that my cats like to sleep with me. I think they chose me more often than my husband because I am a calmer sleeper. We all pick our spots and tend to stay there for the night. The arrangement works well for us all.

However, Lyla was none too pleased when I went next door. As a brief background, Lyla does spend some time next door, but usually during the day, or if we are next door for dinner, she will come for a visit. Her antics when we are over there are quite entertaining - for both us and our neighbours - and fortunately the neighbours don't mind her coming in to the house.

After turning off the lights on the second night I was next door, Lyla came to the front door of the house and began to demand entry. Being the sucker that I am, she only had to carry on for 10 mins before I let her in. Upon entry to the bedroom she jumped up on the bed, padded around, and promptly fell asleep. And there she stayed until the morning.

So for four nights of the six when I was extreme sleeping, Lyla did some extreme sleeping next door too.

Fighting for space on the bed.

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