18 May 2011

The visitor effect - Part 2 (or extreme separate sleeping)

I have told many people about my house-hopping bed solution for the last week. I must admit that I enjoy the range of reactions that any story about sleeping separately to my husband evokes. The latest configuration of sleeping arrangements has, I believe, been viewed as a bit extreme.

Of all the times I have explained the decision, there were three memorable reactions of and extended silence, coupled with just the slightest cocking of the head to the side. Who knows whether the three people's thoughts were a quizzical reaction, or plain boredom listening to me go on about my need to have a bed to myself.

I too, have pondered whether the arrangement was a bit extreme and should I have just 'sucked it up' and shared a bed. Obviously, my ponderings led me back to the conclusion that the bed next door was the better decision - extreme as it may have been. I always come back to my (and my husband's) need to get a solid night's sleep. The world is a better place for it - I promise. And if this means heading to the next door neighbour's for a week, then so be it.

When it comes to meeting basic needs, humans do become extreme. I don't need to bore you with all sorts of obvious examples, but just think of all the strange places that people do sleep. Personally, I can't understand how people sleep on public transport. The fear of missing my stop is so overwhelming that I will always stay wide awake, looking in wonder at sleeping commuters, wondering if they have just passed their house and are going to wake up at a bus terminal many kilometres away from where they live. Sleeping in a public place also scares me in case I wake up with my cheek in a puddle of drool, with all around me whispering to each other because I have been snoring so loudly.

There is a blog that is dedicated to asians sleeping in libraries (http://asianssleepinginthelibrary.tumblr.com/). Again.... an extreme sleeping choice, and one that possibly makes my choice look quite pedestrian.

To cater for the visitor effect in the future we do plan to build a new room on our house. The plans have not yet materialised into a room - but at least we have a plan. Until then, I remain grateful to my neighbours who generously offered me the bed and were so kind to me. My extreme sleeping is over for now.

End note: I must note how very, very lucky I am to have such fantastic neighbours. This would not be something many people would have access to, faced with the same situation in which I found myself. Brian and Lesley are outstanding people. An added bonus to sleeping next door was the comfort level of the neighbour's spare room bed. Outstanding! The bed is an old brass bed with a super comfy mattress, flanelette sheets (for winter of course) and a puffy, feather doona.

A fine alternative to my own bed.

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