09 October 2012

A meek but enthusiastic return

Even though I don't have too many followers and am not completely inundated with views (even though I was beyond excited when I hit 1000 - I have even more since then) I feel compelled to explain my absence of 3 months and 3 days.

All of my writing energies have been completely channelled on finishing my book.

With the manuscript submitted last Monday, I am re-discovering:

  • housework
  • gardening
  • shelves in my fridge
  • free time during the week and on weekends
  • books read for pleasure
  • clean surfaces in the study

All have been re-engineered with a tempting shimmer never seen before - yes even the shelves in the fridge. If anyone had told me I would one day be WANTING to clean my fridge I would have ripped their arms off and walked away. Lucky that person never approached me with such madness as they still live a productive and happy life complete with arms.

I am excited about the book. However................. until the publisher says "Jenny - it's all go and we'll be transforming your words into the next He's Just Not That Into You" I am self-managing my expectations with the skill and deftness of a panda wrangler.

At the moment, publication date is 26 March 2013 and I am praying that this day proves to be the end of a gigantic cycle of the universe where all planets align and this strangely causes many, many people to decide that sleeping separately is THE thing to do. They will all then need a book that gives them practical suggestions about doing it successfully - enter:

Sleeping apart... not falling apart:
A practical guide for couples who want a good night's sleep

Who wouldn't want to buy that!!

I look forward to returning to blogging. It's a creative squeeze that I do enjoy.

Another reason I was able to return to the blog was the completion of 50 Shades of Grey. Reading such title was my promise to myself upon completion of the manuscript.

I really should have organised a better reward for myself. More about that later.

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